Ororo.tv is a streaming service based in Russia. It has pretty much all series and films of all major networks, as well as much smaller obscure stuff. It functions similar to Popcorn Time, but with Netflix-like quality. This seems great, but is Ororo.tv legal?

Illegal copyright infringement?

Ororo.tv seems like it must be illegal due to copyright infringement. After all, you’re streaming series from Netflix and HBO and such, and Ororo.tv is clearly not paying for the rights to stream these. Otherwise Ororo.tv wouldn’t be so cheap.

Ororo.tv’s legal loophole

Ororo.tv is clearly going for a loophole in the copyright act. As this Quora answer explains, in India there’s a subsection in their copyright act that determines that educational content is not subject to the Copyright act. This means that if Ororo.tv is educational content, it’s legal. So this explains why the tagline or their homepage is ‘Fun way to learn English!’.

ororo homepage screenshot

I’m not a legal scholar so I don’t know how common it is for countries to exempt educational content from copyright law. Another Quora answer in the same thread states that at least Russia has a similar exemption. Since Ororo.tv is based in Russia, their streaming service may thus be technically legal.

Is Ororo.tv legal?

Ororo.tv seems to be technically legal because it exploits a legal loophole. I’m by no means a legal scholar, but this seems to me the kind of thing that the authorities could crack down on hard if they wanted to. But, since Ororo.tv is based in Russia, I don’t know how likely that is to happen.

Even though Ororo.tv seems technically legal, it might also still be wise to get a VPN to protect your identity while you use their service.