Ororo.tv is the most popular streaming service in Russia. Since outside Russia it’s not yet well known what Ororo.tv is, people often wonder whether Ororo.tv is safe.

Ororo.tv is safe

Fortunately, Ororo.tv is completely safe to use. The website is used by very many people and there’s no viruses, Trojan horses or other malware on the website. You also don’t even need to download Ororo.tv, as you can use it from your browser.

Ororo.tv makes money by charging subscription fees, so they operate as a legitimate business (although of course Ororo.tv’s business model is in the legal gray area at best). It would thus hurt their business if their website contained viruses or malware.

Should you use a VPN on Ororo.tv?

Although Ororo.tv is safe in terms of viruses and malware, and probably not illegal in most cases, it might still be a good idea to protect your identity while you use their services. Especially since VPN’s are very cheap nowadays.