Ororo.tv is a Russia based paid streaming service that broadcasts pretty much all films and series in good quality. They also have low prices and they seem to be technically legal.  This combination of favorable features is causing them to quickly gain popularity outside Russia, although many people still don’t know what Ororo.tv is.

Discount code for Ororo.tv

There aren’t any huge discounts you can get for Ororo.tv. This makes sense, as Ororo.tv is already very cheap. But, you can use this link to get a 10% bonus on your subscription duration.

This link is actually just the ‘refer a friend’ link that Ororo.tv makes available for all its users to share with their friends.

Beware of fake discount codes

Beware of discount code websites that offer higher discounts for Ororo.tv. They often claim to offer 30% or even 50% discount but we tried these discount codes out and they don’t work.

As far as we know, Ororo.tv doesn’t work with any other discount codes than the 10% bonus duration you can get off the refer a friend link we posted above.