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Ororo TV Free Subscription – How to Set Up Free Ororo.tv

Is there a free subscription to Ororo.tv? Yes and no. In this article we explain what the Ororo.tv free subscription is and what its limitations are.

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Can You Get Ororo.tv for Free?

Wouldn’t it be great to get Ororo TV for free? For Gratis? Gratuito?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Not really.

At least, you can’t get the full Ororo.tv subscription for free.

You can get a free subscription to Ororo.tv, just by creating a free account. But then you can only see an extremely limited number of channels.

If you want to watch any movie or TV series on Ororo.tv, you need to pay for the full subscription.

Fortunately the full subscription to Ororo.tv is still very cheap.

And you can use out 10% discount code which gives you 10% extra subscription duration. You can read more about the Ororo discount code in this article.

What Does the Ororo.tv Free Subscription Include?

When you create a free account on Ororo.tv, you get a free subscription to the Ororo.tv Free Channels.

The Free Channels are a collection of Ororo.tv channels that are free for all users.

When you log in to Ororo.tv with your free account, you will see the Ororo.tv Free Channel in your Ororo.tv channel list.

The free channels in the Ororo.tv Free Channel include:

  • Crash Course
  • Ted X Talks
  • Comedy Central
  • Vox
  • The School of Life
  • And many more
Ororo tv free subscription screenshot

As you can see, most of these channels in the free Ororo subscription are Youtube channels, so you could access them for free already anyway.

How do I Sign up for a Free Ororo.tv Subscription?

Signing up for a free Ororo.tv subscription and free Ororo.tv account is pretty simple.

Go to the Ororo.tv website and click on the Log In button.

If you don’t have an account yet, you will be prompted to create a free Ororo.tv account.

You can create this free account with your email address, and nothing else. No credit card or anything like that is required at this stage.

After verifying your email address, you will be ready to view free Ororo.tv streaming.

Why Would You Want To Get a Free Ororo.tv Subscription?

The channels in the Ororo.tv Free Channel are a mix of Youtube channels and other online channels.

As I said, you can access all of the videos in these free channels for free on the internet anyway, so why bother creating a free Ororo account?

Well, there’s still some upside to having all these free channels in the same place. Especially if you’re actually using Ororo.tv to learn English.

There’s no other platform that has this curated list of YouTube channels, as well as the Comedy Central shows, and much more.

So that’s the upside of the Ororo.tv free subscription.

What Are Alternatives to the Free Ororo.tv subscription?

There’s three main alternatives to the free Ororo.tv subscription:

Obviously, the paid Ororo.tv subscription is the way to go if you really want to get on Ororo and watch all their available shows and films.

However, if you’re mainly interested in a free streaming service, the the Amazon Video 30 day free trial is the best option for you.

Amazon Video is the only streaming service that you can use for free.

The last option is Popcorn Time. But if you read our article ‘Ororo.tv vs Popcorn Time’ you’ll know that this is a very risky option, because it’s illegal to watch shows on Popcorn Time.

You can read more about the Ororo.tv alternatives in this article.

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