Ororo.tv from you Country

Ororo.tv is a Russian streaming service, but if you’re smart you can access it from any country. In this post we explain

The Most Important Thing to Access Ororo.tv from your Country

If you want to access Ororo.tv from any country other than Russia, you need to understand that Ororo.tv might be illegal in your country.

In Russia, Ororo.tv is supposedly legal, because the Russian copyright laws make an exemption for educational content.

That’s why Ororo.tv claims to be a ‘fun way to learn English’.

However, not all countries have this exemption in their law, and therefore Ororo.tv may still not be legal for you to watch.

Therefore, you should protect yourself by using a VPN service when you’re watching Ororo.tv.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks your identity by routing your internet behavior through servers in different countries, which makes them harder to track.

As I understand it, this is still not a guarantee that you don’t get caught, but it makes it far less likely.

The best offer we could find is to get 69% discount on NordVPN and 3 months for free.

What if I cannot watch Ororo.tv in my country?

If you cannot watch Ororo.tv in your country you can check out one of the Ororo.tv alternatives.

The best option we could find is the Amazon Video 30 day free trial because you get a big catalogue of series and movies for free.

Ororo tv English

It’s easy to access Ororo.tv in English: just go to ororo.tv/en.

In fact, if you’re in an English speaking country like the UK, Ghana or the USA, you should probably be redirected to this English version of Ororo automatically once you access the website. But if not, just us the link above.

What’s great about Ororo.tv in English is that you learn extra English (if that’s what you’re trying to do), and all the movies and series on Ororo.tv are in English already.

Ororo tv España

To use Ororo.tv in Spanish, go to ororo.tv/es.

This makes the interface or Ororo.tv Spanish, and automatically gives the series and movies English subtitles.

However, it doesn’t make the series and movies that you can watch on Ororo.tv Spanish as well.

Remember, Ororo.tv claims to be legal because its movies and series are educational content for people that want to learn English.

That’s why Ororo.tv cannot offer its series in any other language than English.

Ororo tv from Italy

To use Ororo.tv in Italian, go to ororo.tv/it.

Again, this makes the Ororo interface Italian and gives all the movies and series subtitles, but it doesn’t dub them in Italian.

Also, make sure that you check out that VPN service I mentioned above, because I believe Italy has strict laws about copyright and pirating.

Ororo tv German

Unfortunately Ororo.tv doesn’t have a German version of the website yet.

I spoke to the customer support and they do intend to develop this at some point.

Ororo tv Polish

To use Ororo.tv in Polish, go to ororo.tv/pl.

I was somewhat surprised that they offer this version, because Polish is not such a big language.

But I guess that because Poland is close to Russia, a lot of people in Poland have heard about Ororo tv.

Ororo tv Portuguese

To use Ororo.tv in Portuguese, go to ororo.tv/pt.

That’s probably the best version to use if you’re from Portugal or Brazil.

Ororo tv Turkish

To use Ororo.tv in Turkish, go to ororo.tv/tr.

I notices that a lot of people are searching for ‘Ororo.tv ekşi’, which I know is Turkish, but I don’t know what it means!

If you know what ekşi means, let me know, so I can try to answer that question on my website.

Ororo.tv Russia

Ororo.tv is actually a Russian website, so the main version of the website is also in Russian: ororo.tv/ru.

Because its their native language, this is probably the best version of the website.

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