Popcorn Time vs. Ororo.tv

Popcorn time is a very popular streaming service in the west, while not many people know what Ororo.tv is. In Russia however, it’s far more popular than any other streaming service. In this post we discuss why we think that Ororo.tv is the best alternative to Popcorn time.

Quality and user experience

The biggest advantage of Ororo.tv is the quality of its user experience. It’s much more user friendly than Popcorn time.

On Popcorn Time, it happens to me regularly that I have to wait long for a movie to load. If you have a slow download it can sometimes take 30 minutes, which means that you need to plan ahead. On Ororo.tv I always experience almost instantaneous loading time.

Furthermore, on Ororo.tv you always get what you expected. But, on Popcorn time, you can sometimes get for example a French version of your movie. That’s especially frustrating if you had to wait long for that movie to load.

Available movies and series

Both Popcorn Time and Ororo.tv have pretty comparable catalogues. They both have (almost) much all movies and series ever made. These are the movies and series you can watch on Ororo.tv.

It happened to me once or twice that I couldn’t find a movie on Popcorn Time, and that never happened to me before on Ororo.tv. But overall I’d still say they are on par here.


I’m not a legal scholar. But, as I understand it, Popcorn Time is flat out illegal in all countries. Ororo.tv on the other hand, tries to operate in a legal gray area.

So although both are not great here, I would say Ororo.tv is slightly better than Popcorn Time in this area.

Either way I recommend that you use NordVPN as your VPN for Ororo.tv or PopcornTime.


Popcorn time wins on cost, as it’s free. But, Ororo.tv has very low prices as well, starting at 4 euro per month. And you can use our Ororo.tv discount code to get an extra 10% duration on your next subscription.


Both Ororo.tv and Popcorn Time have huge user bases and are completely free from viruses and other malware. They are thus both safe.

For both it’s probably smart to use a VPN though, because of their legality issues.


There’s more alternatives to Ororo.tv than just PopcornTime.

The most important one is Amazon Prime Video, because they have a 30 day free trial offer going right now (follow the link for that).

Ororo.tv or Popcorn Time?

We think that you’re much better served taking Ororo.tv compared to Popcorn Time. It’s just much more user friendly and the loading times are much better. This is easily worth the subscription fee for Ororo.tv, which is extremely low anyways.

The other reason that we favor Ororo.tv might be legal. Popcorn Time is definitely illegal, which is a good enough reason not to use it.

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