Ororo.tv is a Russian streaming service. It’s by far the cheapest and most inclusive streaming service in the world that delivers films and series in great quality.

Ororo.tv subscription fees

Ororo.tv subscriptions are very cheap and get progressively cheaper as you take them for longer durations. The current prices for its subscriptions are:

  • 1 month: 6 euro
  • 3 months: 16 euro (5.33 euro per month)
  • 6 months: 28 euro (4.66 euro per month)
  • 12 months: 48 euro (4 euro per month)

This makes Ororo.tv more than twice as cheap as Netflix, Disney + and other streaming services, even if you take a subscription for only one month.

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Why is Ororo.tv so cheap?

Ororo.tv is stunningly cheap for its quality and for how many series and films they provide. They are able to offer subscriptions for low prices because Ororo.tv uses a legal loophole in the copyright law of many countries. Therefore, they don’t actually pay licensing fees for all the series and films they broadcast.

Payment options

Ororo.tv accepts Visa and Mastercard, as well as many other payment options such as Steam Pay and Bitcoin.