Ororo.tv is a streaming service based in Russia. Because of its widespread popularity in Russia it’s often dubbed ‘Russian Netflix’.

What’s available on Ororo.tv

Ororo.tv is the only streaming service that broadcasts pretty much all films and series in high quality, and that’s also probably legal. On Ororo.tv you can watch series of Netflix, HBO, Disney, and many other broadcasting networks.

Why is Ororo.tv so popular?

Ororo.tv is increasingly popular worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why. Compared to other established streaming services such as Netflix and HBO, Ororo.tv has a much bigger catalogue and it’s also much cheaper. In fact, on Ororo.tv you can watch anything that you can watch on Netflix, HBO, Disney, and much much more.

The only competitor to Ororo.tv in terms of its catalogue is Popcorn Time. But, Ororo.tv is better than Popcorn Time because its user experience is much better. On Ororo.tv shows are always available in HD and their loading time is instantaneous, whereas Popcorn Time can take minutes to load an episode fully. Furthermore, Popcorn Time is definitely legal, but it seems that Ororo.tv is technically legal (although it’s certainly still sketchy).

Is Ororo.tv for learning English?

On the Ororo.tv homepage you’ll see that they market themselves as a platform to learn English by watching English series and films. This branding has to do with the legal loophole Ororo.tv exploits. This loophole allows them to stream films and series without paying for the licenses that they would otherwise need.

So no, Ororo.tv is not really for learning English. It’s just a high quality streaming website for series and films.