Ororo.tv – The Most Popular Russian Streaming Service

Not a lot of people in the west have heard about Ororo.tv, but in many countries this streaming platform is the number one way to watch TV  from many channels from all over the world. So if you’re not familiar with Ororo.tv yet, let us tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is Ororo.tv?

Ororo.tv is a streaming service based in Russia. Because of its widespread popularity in Russia it’s often dubbed ‘Russian Netflix’.

Ororo.tv offers thousands of movies and TV-shows for a small monthly fee. This fee allows you to watch as many TV-shows and movies as you want without restrictions.

Ororo.tv is currently only available as an in browser web application that doesn’t require a download. The Ororo.tv application works on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

The streaming service is available in several different languages. Besides English Ororo.tv is available in Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish.

How does Ororo.tv work?

Ororo.tv is very simple to use. When you first go to the website you have to make an account, which is free.

At first you’re offered to sign in using your Facebook or VKontakte account, but you can also sign in using your email address.

Once you’ve signed up, you can either enjoy your free Ororo.tv subscription, or you can set up your payment plan for the paid version (which you want, because the free version doesn’t have any films or series in its catalogue). You can pay in any way imaginable: credit card, cryptocurrencies, and other payment systems.

Once you set up your payment plan you’re ready to watch Ororo.tv! Just browse for the show you want to see and start watching it (no downloads required or anything like that).

What’s available on Ororo.tv

On Ororo.tv you can watch films and series of Netflix, HBO, Disney, and many other broadcasting networks.

In fact, you can watch pretty much any movie or show on Ororo.tv. I’ve never searched for something and been disappointed.

Isn’t this illegal?

Ororo.tv tries to exploit a legal loophole in the Russian copyright law. They claim that their content is educational, and therefore is exempt from copyright laws.

I don’t think anyone is really buying this, but nobody has cracked down on Ororo.tv either. But still, because Ororo.tv could very well be illegal, it’s probably smart to use a VPN for Ororo.tv when you’re watching.

We recommend NordVPN as it’s the fastest and most cost effective VPN for streaming high quality video. You can get NordVPN for 3.12 per month if you use our link and sign up for 2 years.

Why is Ororo.tv so popular?

Ororo.tv is increasingly popular worldwide, and it’s not hard to see why.

Compared to other established streaming services such as Netflix and HBO, Ororo.tv has a much bigger catalogue and it’s also much cheaper. In fact, on Ororo.tv you can watch anything that you can watch on Netflix, HBO, Disney, and much much more.

Is Ororo.tv for learning English?

On the Ororo.tv homepage you’ll see that they market themselves as a platform to learn English by watching English series and films. This branding has to do with the legal loophole Ororo.tv exploits. This loophole allows them to stream films and series without paying for the licenses that they would otherwise need.

So no, Ororo.tv is not really for learning English. It’s just a high quality streaming website for series and films.

Alternatives to Ororo.tv

Although Ororo is great, there’s also great Ororo tv alternatives out there.

The main one that jumps out to us is Amazon Prime Video, which you can now get for free for 30 days if you follow our link.

And of course, since Ororo.tv has such a dubious legal status, a lot of people might prefer any one of the mainstream competitors: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, or Disney+.


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