Ororo.tv is the most popular streaming service because of its low prices and its extremely big catalogue of films and series. People often wonder what series and movies are available to watch on Ororo.tv, which we’ll answer in this post.

Netflix, HBO, Disney +, and more

You can pretty much watch all series and films on Ororo.tv, because they don’t pay for licensing fees. So you can watch Game of Thrones, Dexter, the Walking Dead, Pulp Fiction, Lord of the Rings, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Parasite, you name it.

I’ve literally never not found a film or series that was not available on Ororo.tv. And I watch some pretty obscure art house films from time to time.

But on the website I see only 57 channels available?

People often get confused initially because they don’t yet understand what Ororo.tv is and how it works.

Ororo.tv is a paid subscription streaming service that is at best technically legal. When you make a free account on Ororo.tv, you don’t immediately get to see all the available films and series. Instead, you’ll see 57 channels (at the time of writing this post), all of which are available publicly.

Ororo.tv screenshot available channels

Only when you register for a paid account, you can see all shows that are available on Ororo.tv. At the time of writing, Ororo.tv reports that they broadcast 1770 TV shows and 5444 movies. I feel like they have even more than that, as I’ve literally never searched for a movie or series that they didn’t have. But, even if it’s correct it’s still more than Netflix, which has only 3,849 movies and series combined.

Ororo.tv screenshot available seriesOroro.tv screenshot available movies

Why can’t you see the full Ororo.tv catalogue with a free account?

Ororo.tv does not give an explanation why you can’t see all the movies and series they offer with a free account (at least not on the English version of the website). We assume it’s partly because they want to fly under the radar a little bit. Stating ‘we offer all series ever for almost free’ on the homepage would draw too much attention for them. But we obviously don’t know this, we’re just guessing.

To get the most out of Ororo.tv you thus need to get a paid subscription. You can use our discount code when you register to get 10% extra duration on your subscription.